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Self tapping screw has five main characteristics

Self tapping screws than ordinary screw using more advanced, without tapping hole drilling and tapping screw, a screw and general different, head is pointed, tooth distance is relatively large, and no chip wire tapping is like, can not tapping directly screwed in, metal and plastic commonly used this method. The types of tapping screw, but they have the features are the same, the five major characteristics.
1, generally adopt carburizing steel manufacturing (the total product 99%). Can also be made of stainless steel or nonferrous metal manufacturing.
2, the product must be heat treated. Carbon steel self tapping screws must be after carburizing treatment, stainless steel self tapping screws must be solid solution hardening. In order to make the self tapping screw to the mechanical properties and the use of performance standards.
3, product surface hardness, toughness good core. "Isolating". This is a major characteristic of the performance of self tapping screws. As the surface har. As the surface hardness is low, can not be screwed into the matrix as the core; poor toughness, twist off, also cannot use. So the "isolating" is a self tapping screw to meet performance requirements.
4, the product surface to surface protection, the general is the electroplating processing. Some product surface by phosphate (phosphate). Such as: drywall screws for phosphating.
5, the cold heading process production. Recommend the use of high speed cold heading machine and high-speed thread rolling machine or high-speed planetary rolling machine production, to ensure product quality. Head tapping screws forming such production of good quality, high thread.