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Fastener knowledge: the important characteristics of gasket seal

A small parts and fasteners gasket, gasket main purpose is to ensure no leakage, the correct selection of sealing gasket is the key device to ensure no leakage. So the gasket sealing properties must be further understanding, the gasket seal are important characteristics of eight.
1, air tightness of the sealing system: for medium, gasket under certain temperature and pressure within the scope of work, and no leakage in a certain period of time.
2, compressibility: contact gaskets and flanges in the connecting bolts, can be very good for anastomosis, to ensure the sealing effect.
3, creep resistance: in the effect of load and temperature stress, creep resistance should be better, otherwise it will lead to the spacer surface stress decreases, resulting in leakage.
4, resistance to chemical corrosion: gasket selection shall not be subject to corrosion chemical medium, and can not be polluted medium.
5, resilience: even the stability of the system, two connected flange due to the influence of temperature and pressure and other factors, will certainly has the small displacement, elastic gasket should be able to make up for this shortcoming, in order to ensure the sealing system.
6, the anti adhesive: the gasket can be conveniently removed from the flange in use, not and flange bonding.
7, non corrosive: no corrosive effect of flange gasket to connected surface.
8, temperature resistant gasket: selected shall ensure that can be used normally at the lowest temperature and the highest temperature system.