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High strength bolt stress performance

High strength bolts and the nut, the screw and press members contact surface tension, by the friction of the contact surface to prevent the connecting plates are sliding, transfer force to achieve the purpose of.
According to the load transfer mechanism of high-strength bolt friction type high-strength bolts and bolt. These two kinds of bolt structure, installation is basically the same. But the friction type high-strength bolt friction on load transfer, so the screw and the screw hole of the difference can reach 1.5 ~ 2.0mm. High strength bolt force transmission characteristics are guaranteed under normal use, shear than friction, and friction type high-strength bolts of same. When the load increases, the relative slip occurs between boards connected, connected by screw shear and hole wall pressure to force, and the same as ordinary screw and screw bolt, so the difference is smaller, 1 ~ 1.5mm.
Friction type high strength bolt connection with high strength bolt deformation small, low bearing capacity, anti fatigue, anti dynamic load performance is good. And bearing type high strength bolt high bearing capacity, but the shear deformation is big, so is generally used only under static load is connected with the power load structure and indirectly bear.