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Wireless Bluetooth speakers sound

Wireless Bluetooth speakers sound
Wireless Bluetooth speakers sound often see no signs, causes and handling methods are as follows: 1 the soprano is not enough, a rumbling. The sound absorption material is too little, not enough to cause the speaker sound damping, equivalent Q value is on the high side. The sound absorption material is properly increased, sound-absorbing material will probably was packed tight with loose. 2 treble is too strong, active, develop, rigid strong voice. The sound absorption material is too much, the acoustic damping have the Spring Festival night, loudspeaker equivalent Q value is low. Can be properly eliminated the sound-absorbing material, or will have installed sound absorption material is loose tighter. 3, the bass is too strong or too weak. Is more than, the attenuation rate is not appropriate bass. Can properly control attenuator adjustable resistor or potentiometer to handle. The 4 groups are weak, telepresence difference. Is not beautiful divider working condition, the crossover point selecting appropriate; high directivity is too sharp, it is narrow; the attenuation rate is not appropriate. Can decay rate first control attenuator, such as improved, repeated frequency modulation, reach comfortable now; if the invalid or improvement is not big, it must be from the new crossover frequency certainly, selection of reactance element in response to hold auditions. The 5 sound scared (tailing), hair splitting (volume increases more significantly). Is more than high frequency harmonic off unit, real is bigger; wireless Bluetooth speakers power allocation not (of high, tweeter power allocation not); wireless Bluetooth speakers power margin is not enough. To change the division point frequency; power wireless Bluetooth speakers adjust wind change speaker, rated power increase wireless Bluetooth speakers. Low frequency 6 wireless Bluetooth speakers corresponding owe good, namely the resonant frequency higher than the resonance frequency wireless Bluetooth speaker speaker. The sound absorption material is too little, lack of acoustic damping. Can add the sound absorption materials, progress of acoustic damping; excessive low speaker conditions agility, paste method was added some heavy local speaker (mainly refers to a loudspeaker) cone weight, resonant frequency drop speakers, so that the wireless Bluetooth speaker resonant frequency.
To deal with cases of phase type wireless radio wireless Bluetooth speakers, can be properly added to the phase length of the slot, or are inverted trough inside one end opening by a speaker cloth or sponge. But should notice the inverted trough between the ends of the opening and the case through the interval is not less than Lo cm, or make low frequency corresponding worse.

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