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Domestic hardware fastener industry industrial upgrading and promoting development

Hardware fastener enterprises to talk about the most is "transformation", "upgrade", however, on the premise of transformation and upgrading, the vast Chinese fastener enterprises, most have to face such a situation: rising raw material prices, RMB appreciation, rising labor costs. The rising costs of raw materials led to the enterprise to improve product prices, but the premise products prices is to promote technology and brand strength, this is a continuous process, the small and medium-sized fastener enterprises, technology promotion is a bottleneck, they need to struggle to survive.
Hardware fasteners
To remove the "low-end" label
Review the development history of the past of the fastener industry, the inevitable product is not difficult to find that whenever the market popular when the saturated. China's fastener production accounted for 1/4 of global output, but most of it is low strength, low grade of products, which 8.8 of the following standard parts accounted for about 45%-50%, in the high prices of raw materials, environment, low standard fasteners overcapacity become a stumbling block to the development of fastener industry.
Excess capacity, a lot of inventory backlog caused the enterprise to operate the tense capital, enterprises want to cost into profits must another way, increase the technical inputs, with good technical skills to develop a broader market resources.
We should look to the future, "High-speed Rail" "aerospace" "highway" "airport" and other national key construction projects are tight enterprises toward high-end provides an opportunity, rail traffic Boeing 20 future plans to add 3400 aircraft, the national development and Reform Commission, investment 800000000000 yuan to build 6 city, according to 36 plans to build city rail transit project in city planning, to 2020, the new city rail traffic mileage will reach 6560 kilometers, rail fastener demand up to 55-70 billion yuan. These projects will greatly enhance the high strength fasteners, titanium alloy and other high-end fastener demand, remove the "low-end" label is possible!
In the whole industry chain in the fluctuation of raw material prices, no ground for blame influence as the lower reaches of the fastener industry, but it is not nothing at all, fasteners to solve the problem of development in the future should fundamentally, how to solve the transition capacity of low-end products? How to buy time to hold the raw materials to achieve low-cost production capacity? How to reduce production costs, save resources? These are all enterprises should face the problem. Raw material "is rising," passive enterprises will be shuffle, in order to survive and develop, must take the initiative, thus, enhancing internal strength to cope with the market changes!
Control production cost, saving resources
Hardware fasteners to iron and steel materials, due to fierce market competition, quality and cost becomes the main means of fastener enterprises competition.
Reduce the cost mainly adopt two kinds of methods: 1, reduce the content of alloy elements or by other low alloy elements as reinforcement materials; 2, reduce fastener manufacturing costs, such as the heat treatment process to reduce the bolt in the production process of non tempered steel, in order to improve the machining capability of the nut free cutting steel. But our country automobile industry technology introduction to the application of cold heading steel new material played a role, some of the main high strength fasteners used foreign corresponding standard materials, Luo Baihui believed that to save the resources, accelerate the development of special bolts for steel will be in the next 3-5 years attention. This is tight, prices in the skyrocketing prices of raw materials situation development trend.
Always pay attention to grasp the opportunity, procurement
For fastener production enterprises, all products are cannot do without iron ore, wire and other raw materials procurement, raw material price too higher, has let the downstream demand is difficult to follow, post ore price callback may be hard to avoid, fluctuations in the price of raw material has a decisive effect on the fastening enterprise the procurement cost, in the price relatively low positive procurement of raw materials, for future mass production to reduce the cost of the preparation work. Therefore, to focus on fluctuations in the prices of raw materials and low cost to buy is also a business decision of the conditions of success.